“Simply Poruba”

Municipal district Poruba is one of 23 municipal districts of statutory city of Ostrava. It is situated in its northwestern part and it is with almost 70 thousand inhabitants its second most populated district. Its history dates back to the 14th century. The very name of Poruba is related to tree felling – “rubání” – and making glades. Until the end of World War II Poruba was a small village. Its importance grew in the 50s of last century, when the municipality cadastre was chosen to build up a new independent urban unit called Nová Ostrava.

From the originally farming village Poruba became a modern urbanistic complex, consisting of the original buildings of Poruba-ves and eight gradually created building areas. As its center it is considered 1,6 Km long Main Avenue, built in an architectural style of “Sorela”.

Poruba entices visitors not only with architecture, among its greatest treasures include an entrance gate to Poruba called “Arch” or an complex of residential houses “Turrets”, but also free time attractions in the form of the greatest summer swimming pool in Central Europe or modern winter stadium.

Logo Ostrava Poruba

Poruba is district without big industry, thus with a minimum of air pollution. Its development creates conditions for business and production activities for many companies, that are focused especially in the industrial zone “Areál nad Porubkou”.

Municipal district disposes with quality and broad background for sports even for cultural activities and provides to its inhabitants a dense network of educational and health facilities.

Large green areas and relaxation zones form a peaceful atmosphere of the district, that is considered as one of the finest locations in Ostrava.

Construction site

Location of the construction was chosen with regard to good civic facilities, good traffic availability, possibility of leisure activities and finally plenty of privacy and green.

The construction site is located at the crossroads of streets Sokolovská and Martinovská in close proximity to newly constructed park and multipurpose hall "Fajne", that offers fitness, squash courts, badminton courts. In the immediate vicinity is located an indoor swimming pool. There are several schools and kindergartens in walking distance in the location.

The whole location offers perfect transportation accessibility

  • Frýdek-Místek - 21 km / 16 minutes by car
  • Nošovice - 30 km / 25 minutes by car
  • Industrial zone Ostrava Hrabová - 8,8 km / 9 minutes by car
  • Highway direction to Brno or Bohumín - 4,2 km / 5 minutes by car
  • Opava - 34 km / 38 minutes by car

Civic facilities

Public transport stops

stop Sokolovská (lines 4, 19 (tram))150 m
stop Telekomunikační škola
(lines 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 17 (tram))
500 m
stop Bajkalská (lines 48, 49 (bus))300 m
stop Na Valech (lines 35, 39, 51 (bus))550 m
stop Nám. Družby (lines 40, 44, 51 (bus))600 m
stop Slavíkova (lines 40, 43, 44, 45, 48, 49, 58 (bus))850 m

Schools, kindergartens

Kindergarten Žilinská street450 m
Primary School and Primary Art School, Čkálova street800 m
Primary School, Francouzská street550 m
Episcopal Grammar School200 m
Primary School and Kindergarten for hearing impaired (Spartakovců street)500 m


Policlinic Mephacentrum (Opavská street)1000 m
Pharmacy "U Ludmily" (1. ČSAS street)500 m
Pharmacy "U Vítka" (Třebovická street)700 m
Pharmacy "V Mešníku" (V Mešníku street)700 m
Pharmacy "Panotex" (Opavská (Sh. c. Albert))700 m
Pharmacy "Arpomed" (Opavská street)750 m


ndoor swimming pool "Sareza"
(pool, sauna, fitness, solar studio, masssages etc.)
400 m
Sport center "Fajné"
(squash, badminton, spinning, zumba etc.)
300 m
Sports and recreation center of city of Ostrava, s.r.o.
(winter stadium)
1000 m

Shops, stores

Hypermaket Albert (Opavská street)850 m
Hruška (Opavská street)750 m
Hruška (Sokolovská street)800 m
Supermarket Albert (1. ČSA sboru street)500 m

Petrol stations

OMV (Opavská street)900 m
Benzina (Martinovská street)400 m

Civic facilities

Post office (Nám. Družby square)850 m
Post office (5. Května street)750 m

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